25 Years Of Ice

Before straight out of Compton was released in 2015 many of the younger generation only knew ice cube as the stern yet lovable actor from movies such as 21 jump street and Are We There Yet but after Straight Outta Compton’s major success these impressionable young minds were open to a whole new side of the Gangster rapper.

Cube released his first solo album in 1990 titled AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted, and from then he continued to do so, releasing 8 more albums the last dropped in 2010 and one mix tape in 2015.

Only one me is the first track to come out from the 25th anniversary album special, which is a re-release of Death certificate; one of his most popular works, it was his second solo album since leaving NWA and is home to the best diss track ever made, No Vaseline.

After listening to the song I immediately felt that if ice cube were to apply for a job this would be his resume/CV , his calling card, one piece that sums up bits of his life.

Now this is just my view of the track I could be horribly interpreting the song . I will argue that Cube says “Who came before me?/ Melle Mel, Ice T, King Tee, KRS and the homey Chuck D, P.E, DMC, nigga know your history” to demonstrate his education, showing that he knows his history, respects it and expects others to do the same.

Cube shows his achivments and accomplishments when he spits “Taught 2Pac how to keep it gangster ,I showed Biggie Smalls how to release his anger” also other acompishments are demonstrared in the line “Ask the young nigga that invented Eazy-E, West Coast bitch, yeah that’s all me”.

All over the track Cube is dropping his work experience talking about those he has worked with over his careear and giving time periods since he has been in the game “That I been on the block since bitches did the wop, Since Floyd and Damian kept rocks in they socks, nigga”

The hook shows what Ice cube feels he can offer that no one else can “There’s a lot of you’s, there’s only one me, They are not confused by a wannabe” Here ice is stating that there may be man other people in his field of work but no one can do the job as well as him.

Now joking aside, this track is Cube telling new fans more about him through his primary art form and since this track is featured on an album diedicated to his 25 years in music it is quite fitting, this is his chance to look back on his accompishments and reminisce.

Now the song itself goes hard, the beat is slow with a heavy bass. There isn’t much to it, the best takes a backseat to display cubes best assets; his lyrics and voice. Cube proves that even after 25 year his pen game hasn’t lost its touch with witty and hard hitting lyrics being delivered with a chilled tone.

In a world full of new wave mumble rappers I find it is nice to heard the familiar tones of Ice , an older style that is more simple in its approach and lyrically superior. Personally I hope Cube continues making music for many years to come.

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