Lunar C may be a name some aren’t aware of , but to those who know him know that his most recent mix tape (Jake) has dropped and it is fucking mint, from start to finish Lunar has straight bars and beats that are top tier.

I want to talk about the single “Mug” released a few months ago,this was one of the first tracks I had heard from him , before that I had followed his career on Don’t Flop where he quickly rose to the top, so it is safe to say I was excited to hear his studio music.

I have often wondered why battle rappers like Lunar don’t pop off quicker, and this track further goes to my point. In this track he has managed to combine his aggressive blunt lyrics with precision and hard beats.

Some bars really stuck with me throughout the song “Plus I’m pissed I’ve been drinking spirits neat out of pint glasses” this may be a contender for the most British sentence I have ever heard.

“Yeah, Jake is a mess Top 5 and I ain’t even dead yet But pay your respects” Lunar spits this cocky line and for some reason I just couldn’t get it out of my head, I think its the self belief of believing he is due this amount of respect so early in his career is brilliant (but in saying this after his recent mix tape I think he is on track to be this level of greatness)

Like i said before the beat goes hard on this track, I can see people in the club dancing to this and the steady beat through the hook mixed with the repetitive chanting is guaranteed to have a loud crowd go fucking nuts.

Lunar C is a name more people need to know , so check out his social media links and give Jake a listen, it is seriously one of the best mix tapes about at the moment, the man has talent and puts in the work.




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