King of The North

With the release of King of The North Bugzy Malone has cemented his position on top, the people have spoken by bestowing Bugzy with the crown and the title as “The King of North.” What I like about Bugzy’s style on this album is the fact I don’t struggle to catch what he is saying, this is a personal preference but for me this is the best type of style; Clear. Precise. Powerful.

The opening track shares the same name as the album, and through this track Bugzy explains why his nickname is fitting and shows why he really is the true King of The North. Another point Bugzy stresses on this track is his humility, “I wear tracksuits, not to be casual I just don’t want to change now that I am rich” this bar is just one example of his modesty. What he is saying is although he has top ten tracks, more money than he has ever had he hasn’t changed, still street at heart.

“Aggy With It” follows the opening track, and the aggression and pace is continued. The beat is on point and accomplices Malone’s flow perfectly. Bars on this track are decent, some of my favorite lines from the album are on this track, “His new CD is so dry that I hope he hands out some lip balm with it” and Them man are Sports Direct, I’m Harvey Nichs”. Now people talk that’s what they do and when this single first dropped there were rumors that these bars and select others were subtle shoots at Stormzy but who knows what to believe?

“Make or Break” is a more toned-down side of Bugzy, through this track he tries his hand at story telling once again. Following the story in more depth from 2015’s “Pain” we learn more about Bugzy’s cousin, his life as a fighter, their bond and events leading towards his death. Now lyrics and beats don’t really come in to the equation with tracks like these. Artists use these types of tracks to work through personal pain and in this case, it leads to beautiful art.

“Through the Night” samples DJ luck and Mc Near’s classic garage anthem “A Little Bit of Luck” setting it up to be a massive club banger. Bugz sounds hyped as hell on this track from the get go, “Looking like war looking its looking like beef” are the first things said making it blatant he is going after someone. Like I said, there are rumors that he has beef with fellow grime MC Stormzy and I think this lyric solves the case for sure “they can bring Zeus because I’m like Ares I’m a warlord but I’ve never been Greek” now even with a basic knowledge of Greek mythology you will know that Zeus is the god of the sky and thunder this is an obvious s/o to Stormzy, but Bugzy continues by referring to himself as Ares (god of war). It sounds like he’s really serious here, there are more shots taken through the track. If you only have the time to listen to one track play “Through the Night.”

A track that almost feels more trap than grime is “We Don’t Play” this is one of the more forgettable tracks of the album, personally I’m not a fan.

“Memory Lane” comes close to being the same but Tom Grennan’s feature saves it from being just any other track. A part of this track that I love was the fact that the hook was lyrics from “Wonderwall” by Oasis.

“Bruce Wayne” is one of the best tracks on this album, it goes hard and Bugzy’s flow on this track is something else, the hook is so catchy, perfect for club play, and a proper hype track.

“Sniper” is our closing track to this coronation and it seems that the indirect bars to Stormzy continue, although the subject may seem over played through the whole album it does lead to some decent bars like “I stopped the scene from drowning The grime minister, like the door said 10 and the street said downing”. On “Sniper” Bugzy takes this beef with Stormzy to the next level by bringing his girlfriend in to it, the King spits “I heard that you love your girlfriend, I hear that you trust your girlfriend, I know man that have loved your girlfriend, I know man that have touched your girlfriend, I don’t know if she told you everything, Ask her if she told you everything, I don’t know if she’s shown you everything ,Carry on and I’ll tell them everything” As I write this, the track was released two days ago and Stromzy is yet to acknowledge this at all, so hopefully we still have this to come!

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