The 5-piece indie rock/ punk band known as Remind Me Of Home have just released their first EP a few weeks ago titled Bloodless and as of 10:35, 17/08/2017 their most played track on Soundcloud only has 1,629 plays, for a young band this talented it’s criminal they aren’t being heard to the extent they deserve. Now in saying this I don’t feel Remind Me Of Home have reached their full potential they are still in their infancy in their career so there are some areas for improvement but Bloodless is a great place to start.

“Enigma” is the pop punk fueled tune to open the band’s first EP, with influences from Twin Atlantic and Blink 182 lingering in the background the band are able to produce a decent opening track. This is a solid song the chorus is good and it’s one of the tracks I’ve listen to most this week but it feels generic, maybe I’ve listened to it to many times but I don’t hear any stand out points.

Soon after comes “Wondering” with an opening like “Enigma,” the same build up is followed by a sole guitar then the song kicks in. The vocals on this track are something that stand out for me, when the Scottish are decent at their craft the end result always sounds great. Parts of the song feel built for live performance I can picture fans screaming these lyrics back.

“Stockholm” is a stand out track for me, this is a song where the band sounds most complete. They are able to keep their edge and grit while showing a more polished version of themselves. This is a softer sound to previous tracks on the EP but it’s still just as powerful. Vocals on this track are sonically pleasing at points, it’s something that is hard to explain but the only word that comes to mind is euphoric. Lyrically the band still have some way to go, there are a few great one liners but also lyrics like “My battery is old but dead my useless old phone” that just feel too cluttered.

“Bloodless” is the closest the band gets to a ballad, this song takes on a serious tone it, verges on emo rock at points. This moody ballad could be the anthem for teen angst across the nation, granted I don’t think it’s my cup of tea. I like the fact they are showing all sides to the band, their slight diversity and ability to capture different emotions and sound.

Projects like Bloodless always excite me, are they the best? No, but it does feel reassuring knowing that no matter the year there will always be a group of lads picking up instruments starting a band for the love, real music is still here and in a world where everyone is rushing to find new sounds it’s comforting to hear something familiar yet fresh.

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