If Adele, Sam Smith and George Ezra came together to produce the perfect off spring Albin Lee Meldau would be the result. With his latest EP Bloodshot Meldau demonstrates a wide range of talent, tackling each track with a different feel and sound making Bloodshot the only thing that has been in my rotation this week.

“Mayfly” is the painfully beautiful ballad to open the album, following the story of a man lusting for love from a woman although he knows it won’t last. I believe the title refers to the insect of the same name(Mayfly), their life span is short and their main goal is to find a mate to reproduce only to die shortly after. This common wildlife fact seems to be linked to the story told and Meldau’s shaky yet powerful vocals bringing a wave of an emotion that feels relatable.

Bringing us out of the deep lonely places Mayfly leaves us in “Persistence” is the only fast tempo tune on the EP. This is my favorite track on this EP, the chorus is a major part of this, with the contrast of the bass and the simplistic guitar riff it’s just gives a certain feeling that makes my shoulders start moving.

Moving on, next up is “Bloodshot”, this is the moody self-soothing song of a man who is driving himself crazy thinking if his ex has a new man while he is at home crying in his bed. This is the first time in the album I feel slightly disconnected, although Albin continues his high standard with his vocals I feel the song doesn’t say much, the lyrics lack feeling.

“One-man band” is a song you listen to in the pitch black with a tub of Ben and Jerry’s while dawning traditional grey sweatpants. Following the rest of the EP’s theme this song is based around relationships and girls, but instead of the self-pity in previous songs there is a sense that Albin has stopped taking sole responsibility for all faults. There were a couple of one lines that stood out to me on this track “You want to eat your cake, you wanna keep it too, but no one has ever shown you how to bake” with a heavy enough beat this line could so easily be a grime bar. To some up “One man band,” it is Hauntingly beautiful if you listen to one track from the EP make it this one.

Our closing track for Bloodshot is “Whitney- Demo” at certain points on this track Albin’s vocals reminds me of my favorite scouse; Louis Berry, the deep soulfulness that just grabs your attention is something the two both share. The vocals on the chorus could have been plucked straight from an opera, the range on this track is unbelievable.

This isn’t the type of music I normally listen to, something so simplistically beautiful can just go over my head sometimes and other times the music is just shit, but when I took the time to listen to Bloodshot my feelings changed, Albin was able to make me stop and feel everything he was saying, this EP feels so personal yet made for the masses.

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