Playing Games

Playing Games is the latest track released from Paper Pilots and in typical fashion I am late to reporting on it … But putting aside the issue of my upload schedule, this indie pop track could perhaps be their best work to date.

Playing Games talks on the idea of relationships, specifically the stage after the honeymoon period, its all about when you become unsure about being with someone and start having second thoughts about the relationship.

“scan the room for a better you, Playing games” this lyric sums up the songs topic, although your with someone and you care for them your still playing silly games like looking for someone like them but better , because you feel like your missing out on something. Or that is just my interpretation of it , but even if I am wrong,there are lyrics all over the song that allows us to attach our own meanings to them and I think this demonstrates the writing ability of PP ; broad yet personal.

For me, guitar on this track was a stand out feature , keeping the upbeat electric vibe and also featuring a couple of solos throughout finding a decent balance between mainstream and obscure.

So there you have it folks a new pop jam you can add to your rotation for the foreseeable future , on another note this truly is a great band they have a sound and feel that so pure, they are a band you can invest in. I also want to say I think its amazing how they used “discotheque”in a song

Paper Pilot limited edition T-shirts can be bought Here, and their social media will be below.




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