Faded Days

Louis Berry is an artists I respect highly, he is someone who understands real music and performs it that way, so when I see his supporting acts announced I always pay attention and give them a listen. This time around “The Racket” have been announced to open for him on four dates and after listening to a few of their songs it’s easy to understand why.

Faded Days is one of their two tracks on spotify and the one I want to talk about in this article. This track is a right of passage for every working class rock band, the theme is centered around their view on the mundane, 9-5 life most of us know all too well, it really reminds me of The Enemy’s Away From Here”.

This is a brash, loud, unapologetic rock song, the gritty sound matches the topic of the song. A short bass solo is featured which I love, i’ve said it before and ill say it again the bass is a vital but underappreciated instrument.

The vocals on this track stay true to the rough vibe, similar to Louis Berry, the lead vocals have a harsh gravelly tone to them it suits the whole essence of the song but there are points where I feel there is being forced too much and it becomes strained.

This is a band on the rise , they are still relatively unknown but filled with talented , they are still rough around the edges but that’s part of their charm, so follow their social media links below and keep an eye on these guys.

Leave a comment with your thoughts or any artists you want reviewed and sharing the article is appreciated.




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