Hate it When You Have to Go

I live in a small town called Coleraine and the music scene around here is small and for the most part boring, but a couple of towns over in a small seaside town a small pot of brilliance has been cooking over the last few years in the form of indie-pop band Brand New Friend.

The bands latest single is titled “Hate it When You Have to Go” and to be honest its a fucking tune as soon as the guitar comes rumbling in the tone is set. The overall sound on this song has found the perfect balance between commercial and rebellious. The song seems to follow the bands standard formula; an up beat and energetic sound with sad, sincere lyrics based around relationships.

Lyrics on this track are laid out similarly to a poem, they are sentimental and heartfelt “There’s lights in car parks that we pretend are stars and I purposely make wishes through the window of our car ” this lyric is an example of the imagery writing Taylor Johnson is able to conjure .But in saying that I feel that they could be improved, near the end lyrics stray into other topics that for me just feels random and sort of jammed in, not fitting the overall theme, I’d like to see more fluency.

If your looking for a new band then BNF is here to oblige, they are a great band to get behind for one their music is great and they have so much potential to become greater, and one thing I love about them is they are fans of music, they are total music geeks; music itself even gave birth to the bands name ( they named the band after a Lloyd Cole and the commotions song). I love seeing these types of people start bands I don’t know why maybe relatability?

Check the band out on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Bandcamp , also leave a comment underneath with any thoughts and sharing the article is appreciated.

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