Let me Love You

Twitter is a wonderful place, you can watch viral videos, stalk your ex’s, abuse celebrities and on rare occasions find hidden musical gems. In this particular case Alec Wigdahl is the orange tinted gem we are going to be looking at.

Alec is sitting at just over 400 subscribers on his youtube channel so while he is growing at a decent rate he is still relatively unknown. Without any tracks on Spotify or Itunes his youtube channel is home to all of his music, currently it’s mainly filled with covers but there are a couple of originals that show a lot of promise.

Alec’s uploaded “Let me Love you” to celebrate 300 subscribers and it is probably my favourite song of his so far. Here his vocals feel like they have been influenced heavily by John Mayer, the smooth blues tone falls on the ears so easily. The guitar playing is impeccable on this track, especially the solo towards the end, Alec is able to create a sound that walks the line between blues and RnB managing to capture the best of both.

Alec’s lyrics are simple and catchy, they match the singer songwriter vibe he has going on. Although while listening to the track I felt like the chorus shares similarities to charlie Puth’s “We don’t talk any more” maybe its because the wording is similar ? but that happens from time to times just something I thought I’d put out there.

Alec is releasing his first EP “On My Mind” on November 10th which no doubt we will cover here ,it will be on Spotify and Itunes so keep an eye out. But if you can’t wait to hear more of him his youtube channel has some really great videos, his Childish Gambino “Redbone” cover is a stand out video you can check it out here.

Check out Alec’s Twitter, Youtube, Patron and Instagram and keep an eye on this kid he will blow up someday. Leave your options down below , tell me what you think and please share the article.

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