The Not So Weekly Playlist 1

If you follow our Twitter,Instagram or Facebook you may have seen that we are going to start releasing a playlist every week with 20 or so songs featuring different artists, genres and status. It seems people always want to find new music or new artists but don’t know where to find them so hopefully through this feature people can find some new music. Along with the playlist we will also feature some of my favourite music videos from the playlist.So if you want to be updated go and follow the spotify playlist , it ill be updated weekly as well.

Music Videos

Paper Pilots – Free Ride; Indie pop

Snow Tha Product – I Don’t Wanna Leave; Rap

Oasis- The Importance of Being Idle; Indie rock

Sly and The Family Stone – If You Want Me To Stay; Funk

Morrissey- Spent The Day In Bed; Indie Rock

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