Mt Eddy

For every Vanillia Ice in a genre you have an Eminem, acts that embrace the roots of the genre while improving and evolving it ,in this case for me at least Mt. Eddy is doing just this, their DIY attitude with elements of their sound embrace the essence of pop punk but with the indie influences they are able to create something unique.

If you want to look up the band’s music it’s best to know they were previously called “Jakob Danger” so some of their older music was released under this name my favourite track from their Jakob Danger days is above. As Mt. Eddy they released their first EP “Chroma” in June of this year, in this article I want to talk about “Working Title”.

Now I will say technically there are better songs from Chroma to demonstrate Mt.Eddy’s capabilities and talent but this is currently my favourite track and I am a self centering fuck so you’re going to have to live with it.

Working Title is an upbeat song filled with angsty analytic teenage lyrics. When talking on the song Jakob ( frontman and songwriter) said “I wrote this song as an internal monologue/conversation with myself after going to a house party my last year of high school,”.

After hearing this statement things start to become clear ,the lyrics in this song aren’t fluent, they are the drunken thoughts that fly through our heads when we are drunk. One lyric that I think sums up this idea is “I think that happiness is overrated like your white fucking teeth”.

The tune on this track is catchy and everything comes together, there isn’t a weak link, for me the guitar here is a major highlight, and the guitar solo, simply put is sonically pleasing.

So there you are Mt. Eddy is here to fulfill you teenage rebellious angsty needs , with only one EP released under their current name they are sure to have a lot more to come. So check out the bands Twitter , Facebook, Instagram and if you want to see them live find their tour dates Here.

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