Rich and Famous

Sara Phillips is an artist you may be unfamiliar with, she is relatively unknown singer-songwriter from Montreal now based in New York. She notes on her Facebook that her influences are Norah Jones, Sara Bareilles , Fiona Apple, Bob Dylan, Damien Rice and Regina Spektor and when listening to her music you can really hear them in her sound.

Sara’s latest track “Rich and Famous” dropped at the end of September and I don’t think it’s got the attention it deserves.Ruhde released a remix of her new single and while it is decent I don’t think it is as good as the original so the I will be talking about her original track but the remix will be above.

The song is commentary on how we all want to achieve riches and fame in life and the compromises we make and things we give up in order to obtain these things this lyric sums it up best “Dress up nice and tell your lies You know they like to see you smile”.

Sara’s voice on this track is beautiful,it’s a voice that could sing you to sleep like the calming tone of a mother singing to her child. Her angelic vocals are a therapy session, helping you lie back and block out the world.

Sara has several singles, an EP and an album on her Spotify and her Youtube is filled with stunning covers. So check out Sara follow her Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, show her some love and keep an eye on her she could blow up at any point.

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