Alec Wigdahl Interview

I wrote an article on Alec’s song “Let Me Love You” a month or so ago but still, all I really knew of Alec was his music, but now after having the pleasure of speaking to him I can say he is a bright young man with his head screwed on tight. He is very well spoken and I can honestly say I haven’t meet a 16-year-old that is as professional and as focused as Alec is. Alec can be summed up by one of my favourite quotes “Talent will get you in the door, but Hard work will keep you in the room”.

So, Alec for those who don’t know you, tell us a little bit about yourself.
My name is Alec Wigdahl I am 16 and I am senior in high school, it’s my last year of school and after I finish I am going to study at Berklee School of Music to study performance. Everything I know about music; the guitar and singing is all self-taught, so I want to learn the theory and more technical side to music.

What do your friends and family think of you pursuing music?
My friends and family are all supportive of my music, my parents come to shows whenever they can to watch me. The same goes for my friends the feedbacks been good so far.

With similarities to Ed Sheeran are you worried you may be labelled a “Copy”? and if so what will you do to push past this issue?
I think that’s a great question and I do understand where it is coming from, I am a big fan of Ed and I’m not going to pretend that I am not, but I feel the more I get into music it means I can find my own voice and sound, the more write the better I get, I can see that people may label me a copy but I don’t worry cause my musical taste is so wide that every day I am drawing new influences from other artists giving my music a unique sound.

You’ve just released your first EP, what’s next for you?
Recently my YouTube has been slacking I haven’t been posting much there so I want to aim to post 1 new video a week whether it’s a cover, an original or whatever. I want to try continuing to grow. I try to write one song a day, so I want to try and keep that going. Also, I’ve been talking to other musicians and artists around the area about collaborations. This year I want to try and diversify my musical style I enjoy the heartfelt acoustic style of On My Mind (his first EP) I love showing that side, but I love rap and other genres and think I can show those sides too.

With 1000s of people uploading covers and originals to YouTube, what makes you different?
I really want to keep my YouTube channel true to who I am, I want to keep my music pure. What makes me stand out for the most part it’s just me and my guitar, I see a lot of people in my lane using autotune and a lot of editing, that’s something I stay away from. I like to use my foot pedal, not to try to copy Ed Sheeran, but I love the idea of creating music live, its spontaneous. I also see a lot of youtubers constantly covering songs that are number one in the charts purely because those songs are hot or popular, I want to cover songs because I love them, and I am covering the music I want to.

Your EP seems to focus on relationships, is there anyone these songs are based on?
My friends always ask who are these songs about but I haven’t told anyone, but what I will say is there are 5 songs on the EP and they are about 2 girls and that’s all I am saying. I do sometimes wonder if they know about the songs and if they know that the songs are about them.

We then got briefly side tracked talking about Alec’s music itself. He said something that I wanted to share. I brought up a lyric from his song See Another Love “ I figured out E7 on the piano, I could show you a chord or two” and mention how I liked it, Alec then went on to explain how he likes to keep his writing personal and he likes to be honest, he says he could have just as easily said “ I just learned a new chord on the piano” but the small details that seem irrelevant are what makes these songs personal , it’s what makes them his.

Who do you listen to personally?
I know it’s a cliche to say but I love all music, at the moment I’m listening to Drake, J Cole, Post Malone, Bob Dylan, B.B King, Ed Sheeran, John Mayer etc. When it comes to what music I listen to it really depends on the day and the mood I am in. I think that getting a wide perspective of all the music on offer is important, so I can be well rounded artists and my sound can develop.

When did you first want to start playing music? and what gave you the push?
I’ve been playing guitar off and on for 8 years, I started off playing electric, back then I loved classic rock; Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones etc. That music is what made me want to play guitar. I kind of lost touch with playing guitar and music when I started getting into sports more and more. What really made music my passion was a year ago I had to have surgery that was linked to the fact I was born with scoliosis, before the surgery I use to be a sports guy but when I had to stop playing sports I found my love for music again. I really think it was meant to be.

Are there any subjects you want to tackle next through your songs?
I want to continue writing about new subjects, but I have nothing specific in mind, but when I listen to music like John Mayer, I like the way it various from love songs to deeper subjects. I would like to think that the older I get the more mature my music will become, and my writing will get better and better with time.

What’s more important to you; Lyrics or Guitar?
The lyrics are a more important thing during a song for me, I don’t think the guitar is the thing that speaks to people, the lyrics are what gets through to the listener and the guitar is what’s there to supplement the lyrics. As I am continuing to play more I think my guitar playing is getting more complex but I’m still focusing on the lyrics and trying to improve them, so the songs can be the best I can make them.

What’s the overall goal?
I haven’t really thought about it, simply put If I can make a comfortable living making music that would be nice anything else will be a bonus.

If you haven’t already check out Alec’s debut EP “On My Mind” its available on spotify, Itunes, amazon and anywhere else you download music. Alec’s social media links are down below so go give him a follow and keep an eye on this kid.


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