The Escapades are a four-piece Pop/Rock group from Lancashire, they seem to be in the early stages of their career, they have just released their debut single “1983” which is only available on SoundCloud as of now. Listen to the track below.

This is a great debut single, the catchy delicate melody offset with the slightly gloomy lyrics gives a perfect contrast. It’s also key to point out vocals on this track are killer, I mean the control Liv has on her voice is unreal there are parts of the song that give that goose bump feeling, well for me at least.

Ollie, Lewis B and Lewis F smash the track as well, the whole band come together to really make a great debut single. I also want to mention another stand out section for me, the guitar solo that starts at 3:07 on the track. It is the perfect way to play out the song, its concise and chilled.

I didn’t connect with the lyrics , maybe it’s a personal thing but, I don’t feel there was massive power in the words said. Maybe this opinion will change at a later date, after a few more listens but for now that’s my view.

In saying that, not every band needs to be lyrical exceptional Escapades already have a good sound and a decent feel, most of the time that’s all you need but for me I’d like to see more content in their lyrics.

This song was built for day time radio play, the band really seem to know what they are doing, the track is diverse enough to be played on so many different stations. I hope to see this band grow and develop over the years and if you feel the same check out their social media below.


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