Manchester is a cracking city to discover bands, I mean we are all aware of the groups like Oasis and The Smiths but today, on a smaller level there are still bands like M60 here to keep the torch burning and continue the legacy of the greats.
The four peice indie rock outfit consists of Matthew Morton (Vocals), Oliver Cochrane (Lead Guitar), Bradley Smith (Drums) and Charlie Howarth (Bass). They have been together since 2015 and over that time they have released 2 singles and recently they have dropped their first 2 track EP. Their debut EP was released on February 24th and includes tracks “I Don’t Mind” and “Blindside” both tracks share a similar sound but, for me at least, one is played on repeat while the other is easily skipped.

I Don’t Mind is the track that has held the top spot on my playlist this past week, when I first heard this track I felt like it sounded like another band and after hours of thinking and discussion my manger and I came to the conclusion that on this track M60 sound like Viola Beach, I think the light electric guitar matched with the sweet melody leads to the comparison. I wanted to point out this track also features a bass solo from Howarth that is the foundation to the second section of the song and after the build up the payoff sounds mint.

Morton’s Manc vocals are a large element to this song overall sound.The rugged tone and perfect pronunciation leads to a pleasant result. But it has to be said on the acoustic version of the track this fact becomes more apparent the stripped down environment leads to a more authentic sound which I would like to hear more of down the line.

In theory Blindside is a good tune, its has all the components needed to sound good but I still can’t get into it the way I can with I Don’t Mind. It is literally my role on this site give a reason for my opinions but in this moment I can’t , I can recognise its a decent tune with,highlights coming from Cochrane’s guitar and Smith on drums but I feel there is something lacking making the track overall forgettable.
If I were designing M60’s track listing I would have replaced Blindside with “Honey” a track of the bands from a year ago it is my favourite track from the band to date and I think it would have been a great addition to the EP.
There it is folks please check out M60 on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Spotify. If they continue the path they are on they will keep pumping out amazing music for years to come.
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