For the past few years I have been a fan of Louis Berry, I have wrote multiple articles on his work and I am pleased today to bring you another addition to the collection. Recently Louis dropped his first track of the year “Stumbling” and it takes a different direction from his previous work.

The opening seconds to the track features a 2000’s RnB sound that carries on in background throughout the song.These new elements to Berry’s sound may seem abnormal but it turns out Louis has been working with producers that have previously  worked with the likes of Kendrick Lamar and on top of that Louis has been vocal about growing up listening to 2 Pac so it seems he is finally meshing together all the genres he loves.

On top of the slow pounding bass is Berry’s rumbling vocals, once again he is able to demonstrate his range and power so effortlessly. The slow and rugged tone in his voice suits the theme of the song.Through Stumbling we hear a story of a man in a unhealthily relationship.Things start out well but when things go wrong it will leave them “stumbling” down into a bad place.The uncertainty in the relationship leaves Louis lost, trying to claw back to the better times

Louis is on tour this summer, tickets can be purchased here, and follow his Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube

Disclamier: I haven’t wrote anything in a while and this article is a lil trash but just try and focus on Louis and the music.Also to keep follow our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

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