So I am really late on posting this, I sent it to a website I freelance for and he kept assuring me that he would post it but still he hasn’t (Cunt). Anyway here it is, it may be incredibly late and poorly wrote but just listen to the music and enjoy.

I am always looking for not only new music but new sounds.When I come across a new sound in rap music I get hyped because, to keep this genre of music alive and thriving we need constant evolution and change. We came from the days of DJ Kool Herc to now, where we have so many different variations and styles of this thing we call Rap, it’s unbelievable.

This week I’ve discovered a lady called Rico Nasty and I don’t know if this sound of hers is completely new or as ground breaking as I believe but it is to me. I’ve never heard something like this before, done well. The best way to describe her is if screamo rock met trap beats, she’s like the female version Tekashi69 but likable.

Rico’s latest project is called “Rage” and it is hard. The beat is slow and sleazy with a constant pounding, adlibs of Rico screaming “rage” gives the track an unstable mental patient vibe. Now as you can imagine this track isn’t lyrical, but with the hardcore sound that it has, you don’t need complex lyrics the beat drives this so salute to Kenny Beats for that.

We all know the rap game is heavily male so when we see dope females on the come up I think wee need to support them and ride for them, Rico’s next project “Nasty” will be dropping on 06/12/18 so keep an eye for that.  Is out now go check it out everywhere you get music and follow her socials below.


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